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Traffic MOvie storyline

The upcoming bollywood film named Traffic starring Manoj Bajpayee and Jimmy SHergill will be a thriller inspired from a real story that happened not long ago in India. There was a certain case recorded wher the Cops in the town of Chennai were required to transport an ambulance from one corner of the city to the other due to a medical emergency in about 12 minutes.

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This was a record in itself. At the beginning, such an herculean task looks very tough and rough, but the way we proceed in these quick and nerve plunging situations is what matters and makes people and the audience remember us. Traffic is one such story where a team of police officers that were part of the very normal and ordinary considered traffic police branch and stood for a very heavily difficult mission to transport an organ heart of the human body to the target hospital in a very limited time of about less than a day that too across states due to the stupid and the ever irritating so called system where the air service is never available just when it is needed.

Traffic 2016 movie story

To be quiet frank, it is impossible to not get air service in any country now a days. If the matter gets that worse then the right authorities definitely have the right channels to arrange for this sort of a service. Coming back to the plot, the acts by the great manoj bajpayee were ever so great, so was the one character of jimmy. Both these actors had a very good performance in their previous movie together which received great appreciation special 26. I know for a fact that the right amount of marketing behind this film will make it a good seller and a profitable movie.

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Some message will be tried to conveyed to you right at the end of this movie. This message will be somewhere along the lines of the righteousness and the best pathy and god knows whatnot. Anyways , so the story is pretty neat. There has been a case in a family where a sudden accident has taken place on road and a young son probably i their twenties have suffered huge damage to their major organs , supposedly the heart.

Traffic 2016 movie plot

The Doctors are asking for the next order of business as the emergency treatment was not at all stable and the doctors would have been unable to take care of the needs of the patient without the replacement of the heart. The new heart was needed in no tome. And guess what, there is not one heart available nearby. So, these people try to arrange for the heart an d get it some state away from their present one. Now, the distance between the two states is pretty much and can only be covered by the help of the air help.

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But as i told earlier there is no help available by medium of air and it will take approximately about a day to arrange a plane and get the heart to the victim. Now, what the team of the cops headed by jimmy shergil decide to do is that they arrange and make a team of people who set on cars and mAKE A Mission to reach the target or should i say victim in less than a day so that the life of the victim cam be saved once he gets the heart.

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The rest of the movie is played covering the entire journey of the cops throughout the states and the eventful ways in which they had to keep track of their time and reach their destination to complete their mission. The acting of manoj bajpayee was again very interesting and he made a lot of us very impressed with his skills yet again. Let us see what more there is related to this picture and we will know about it in a better way.

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Let us just wait for the movie to actually release in the theatres and then we will be able to share a decent quality 720 p or 1080 p HD download link fro you right here on this page so that you  can  very easily download the movie TRaffic from here in HD print and very good quality.

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TO WATCH THE MOVIE TRAFFIC online, you can come to his page right after the release of the movie in the theater and i will be uploading the movie on the se date. then , you will probably see an iframe right at this spot instead f the text  written here sand all this useless stuff about the watch online part of this movie traffic.

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