National St. David’s day 2016 parade live streaming video

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National St. David’s day 2016 parade live streaming video

The St. David’s Day 2016 will be celebrated on the 1st of March like every year. The parade by the people of Welsh is a way of appreciation and remembrance of all the good things that St. David ever stood for. St. David dies in the very ancient times and there was not a single story about him till after 500 years of his death. People of welsh recall him to have lived for a hundred years and having powers and magic that were beyond human imaginations. One very famous story about him tells us that he was unaffected by poison on one occasion and on another occasion he created a pedestal by uplifting the earth beneath him to address the people and show his might. His last words are very popular in these areas. On this beautiful day, people of the Welsh start a parade right from the city center towards the St. David’s Church. They wear traditional Welsh clothes while doing so. These costumes are majorly either green in color or they carry a Daffodil or an animal symbol which is the mark of Welsh. They carry normal welsh flags along with a separate flag that represents the great St. David. This unique flag consists of a yellow cross on top of a black background. This is the flag for St. David’s. Apart from this, people dance and march throughout their parade and honor the legendary by giving their most famous Dragon performance as well. The march starts at 12:30 pm on 1st of March which is obviously a national holiday in Welsh. You can watch the live streaming of the St. David’s Day 2016 parade from  our links given below-

St. David’s Day 2016 live parade streaming

Watch online St. David’s Day 2016 parade show

St. David’s Day 2016 full parade video download

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