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FAn movie Cast 2016

Fan movie cast: Hello friends. How are you? Today, i have written this post to share with you the highlights of the latest and the most sensational movie of this calendar year 20165 .. fan 2016 by bad shah king Shah Rukh Khan. This movie has already grossed 50 crores before its release on the basis of the prebooking collections from the indian theaters itself. The complete reports are yet to arrive. So, you can imaging the amount of money that this legendary movie will gross altogether. I bet its going to be around 700 crores minimum.

Fan movie Full Cast (2016)

The full cast list of this biggest blockbuster by badshah king khan is a list of some actors and actresses who are not so very famous apart from the greatest of all the king of romance Dr. shah rukh kahn. The other people in the kovie Fan (2016)

Fan movie actors list

Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan
Gaurav Chandna / Aryan Khanna
Joelle Koissi Joelle Koissi
Train Passenger
Mariola Jaworska Mariola Jaworska
Security / Tourist at Madame Tussauds
Farah Ahmed Farah Ahmed
Wedding Guest / Screaming Tourist
Paul Blackwell Imre Elekes Security Guard
Atul Sharma Atul Sharma
Lee Nicholas Harris Lee Nicholas Harris
Arresting Police Officer Sgt492
Halima Nagori Halima Nagori
Zachary Coffin Zachary Coffin
Pamela Betsy Cooper Pamela Betsy Cooper
Wedding Guest
Joanne Manchester Joanne Manchester
Wedding Guest
Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro
Bharat Mistri Bharat Mistri
Wedding Guest / Paparazzi Photographer
Jack Gover Jack Gover
Wedding Crew
Noni Harrison Noni Harrison
News Reporter
Glenn Webster Glenn Webster
Kornelia Horvath Kornelia Horvath
Press Photographer
Richard Banks Richard Banks
Police Officer
Sanjana G.sandhu Sanjana G.sandhu
Manoj Anand Manoj Anand
Wedding Guest / Paparazzi Photographer
June Smith June Smith
Emmanuel Charsian, Exhibit Guide
Tatiana Zarubova Tatiana Zarubova
Rich Guest
James Richard Marshall James Richard Marshall
Laura Bernardeschi Laura Bernardeschi
Shriya Pilgaonkar Chris Cowlin  Police Officer (uncredited)
Miroslav Zaruba Miroslav Zaruba
Head of Security
Raj Awasti Raj Awasti
Wedding Guest
Randeep Chana Randeep Chana
Wedding Guest / Paparazzi Photographer
Deepika Amin Deepika Amin
Gaurav’s mother
Pete Meads Sharif Islam Wedding Guest / Paparazzi Photographer
Alex Jaep Alex Jaep
Crew Member
Usman Akram Usman Akram
Mo Idriss Mo Idriss
Press Room Journalist
Kishore Bhatt Kishore Bhatt
Wedding Guest / Paparazzi Photographer
Vaunisha Kapoor
Celina Nessa Celina Nessa
Wedding Guest / Reporter
Chris Martin Hill Chris Martin Hill
Arresting police Officer PC191
Ricky Rajpal Fayaz Nathalia Tourist
Fayaz Nathalia Vaunisha Kapoor Media Jouralist
Connor Williams Connor Williams
Amrita Jazzmyn Amrita Jazzmyn
Wedding Guest / Screaming Tourist
Robert-Anthony Artlett Robert-Anthony Artlett
Train Station Passenger
Francesco Tribuzio Francesco Tribuzio
Shawn Dixon Shawn Dixon
Arresting Police Officer Sgt646
Anil Sanchania Anil Sanchania
Media Jouralist
Nisaro Karim Nisaro Karim
Helen Banks Helen Banks
Gerald Tomkinson Gerald Tomkinson
Train Station Passenger
Mark Ryder Mark Ryder
Jai Patel Jai Patel
Media Jouralist
Ryan Parker Ryan Parker
Crew Assistant 1
Chandru Bhojwani Chandru Bhojwani
Sharif Islam Paul Blackwell Police Officer
Sharan Hunjan Sharan Hunjan
Wedding Guest
Abdul Hakim Joy Abdul Hakim Joy
Madame Tussauds Tourist
Asha Patel Asha Patel
Media Jouralist
Shivam Modessa Shivam Modessa
Wedding Guest / Paparazzi Photographer
Jason Grangier Jason Grangier
Security Guard
Anushka Arora Anushka Arora
Wedding Guest / Reporter
Simi Rai Simi Rai
Screaming Tourist
Mark Stedman Mark Stedman
Arresting Police Officer PC617
Imre Elekes Ricky Rajpal Journalist
Vickrem Gill Vickrem Gill

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